Truffle machine

TRM 150

The TRM 150 (trufflemachine) is designed to cover enrobed products
with a granulate of choice. This could either be hazelnut bresillienne,
cacao powder or small chocolate chips. Its well thought out design
has been proven very successful in the chocolate industry.


The Trufflemachine 150 is to be positioned
after an enrobing machine. A
conveyor drops the truffles in the
right spot where they follow a
cascade created by a number of
conveyor belts on which the
granulates are recirculated. The
truffles are continuously rolled in
the surrounding granulates.
At the end of the conveyor
cascade the granulates that did
not stick travel back up to be
reused. There is never any waste.

Separate Drive Unit

To avoid any contamination to the products
and to ensure maximum cleanliness, the
drive unit of the TRM 150 is completely
The entire cascade unit slides in and out the
fixed drive unit using specially designed
couplings which transfer the torque
smoothly and offer a quiet operation

Removable Belt System

The TRM 150 is a user friendly
machine. It offers easy access thanks
to a removable belt system. Each belt
with its own frame forms a unit in
the cascade. The belt units are easily
removable with a quick release
system. This is a huge time saver
during the cleaning process.