Smart Granulate depositor

Smart Granulate depositor


The purpose of the SGD is to decorate pralines or pour granules into pralines. It has a container that can be filled with granules. The shafts in the container will move up and down. Each time the shaft moves up, some granules will stay behind depending on the size of the sprinkling cap. The granules end up in a channel where they rest on a dump valve until pralines are detected. Each shaft has its own photocell for detecting pralines. When the photocell detects a praline, the rotary valve will open according to the settings on the display, and the granules can be poured into or onto the praline.


  • Granules:
    • dried fruit
    • chocolate granules
    • sugar balls
    • dry biscuits
    • other dry granules
  • Speed: > 35 doses/channel/min
  • Product-oriented pouring, no waste
  • Quick and easy changeover for other products
  • Stand-alone machine
Granulate depositor
Granulate depositor




Dried fruit, chocolate flakes, and other dry sprinkling material can be sprinkled onto and into products moving on a conveyor belt in the x and y directions.

The sprinkling material is deposited manually in the appliance and is gravity fed towards the receptacle. The Smart Granulate Depositor’s servomotors control the sprinkling shafts. Each sprinkling shaft has one servomotor.

The nozzles can be replaced by nozzles of different diameters depending on the surface to be sprinkled. The sprinkling pipes can also be replaced by pipes of different diameters, depending on the size of the granules.