Smart Flexible Depositor 

The SFD or “Smart Flexible Depositor” is a superior confectionary production solution. This top-of-the-range machine can deposit the most diverse variety of products, ranging from raisins to hazelnuts to almonds. The SFD combines a wide range of applications with enormous speed and exceptional accuracy, far ahead of its competitors.


Smart: Intelligent in all respects. The SFD continuously monitors the supply of products on the conveyor underneath and only deposits granular products when needed. This avoids contamination and wastage.

Accessibility, Cleanliness and Speed

The SFD is designed to address the most pressing demands of the food industry today. Accessibility, tidiness and conversion speed were key factors during the design process. The SFD can be dissembled and emptied for a thorough clean or a product swap in no time and without the need for hand tools. Its clean design, flat floor base, hidden looms and the round contours make cleaning a quick and easy task.