Industrielaan 36 - 9660 Brakel
Tel. 055/42 01 90 - FAX 055/42 01 92
GSM 0495/54 68 00
BTW BE0843.840.711
We are a company that is particularly strong in developing and designing both small jobs and big projects.
Preparation of conversions so that the machine downtime is limited.
Some examples of small works:

  • Solid fixings and shielding of photocells.
  • Waste containers shielding bandsturingen scrapers.
  • Shielding delicate matters.
  • Customization.
  • Decent positioning of mobile machines.
  • Our vision:
    Is not to be the cheapest but strong in price , quality and reliability.
    From our experience this is highly appreciated.
    The customer to involve as much as possible and to feel especially to propose a solution the customer supports and likes.
    Be flexible, to respond quickly and if necessary fabricate.