Industrielaan 36 - 9660 Brakel
Tel. 055/42 01 90 - FAX 055/42 01 92
GSM 0495/54 68 00
BTW BE0843.840.711
New since February 2016. A five axis machinery (Hermle C400: 850 x 700 x 500) The C400 has a mineral casting machine bed that makes it possible to make parts with extreme accuracy.

Our design software includes Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical. Our Esprit CAM software enables us to read fluently models.
This reduces our risk of error to a minimum.
To help our customers quickly in an emergency, we have our own twist and milling machines.

  • CNC turning lathe Haas SL30: this is for turning large series.
  • Teach in turning lathe Haas TL2: small piece of work.
  • CNC milling machine Haas VM3 with next operation distances:
    X1000 Y650 Z650.
  • CNC milling machine Leadwell with next operation distances:
    X1270 Y600 Z600.

    To measure in our own workshop or possibly locally existing parts, we have a Faro measuring arm available that enables us to perform accurate measurements.

    We also have a professional welding table. This allows us to easily carry out welding jobs.
    We can weld the pieces on this table properly chucking so the margin of error is reduced to a minimum.