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Explanation Bowsmachine
The bowsmachine is a machine for sealing bags.

  • Bow is moved by means of a clamp.
  • The bow is bent to.
  • Bags are supplied with conveyor and means a clamping system on a chain clamped.
  • The bag moves towards crimp head.
  • The bow is placed over the bag and tucked close.
  • Next, the bag is transported to the point of delivery.
  • Specifications:

  • The bows are pre bent, these are on a strip and are mechanically provided in the machine.
  • 18 bags per minute.

    Explanation cart

  • Cart made to set up printer.
  • To print on a package eg a date.
  • Packaging should be seen first by a sensor.
  • Can be accurately adjusted in height and sideways.

    Explanation cooling tunnel

  • The shapes are brought up through the ladder transport.
  • The chain runs through a plastic slide profile.
  • Transfer takes place at the top of the cooling tunnel by means of a linear drive.
  • Cooling is located at the bottom of the cooling tunnel, of which five fans in the first section are built, as well as in the second part.
  • Description frame:

  • The cooling tunnel is comprised of a stainless steel frame, with stainless steel cable ducts.
  • The chassis supports 16 levelers.
  • The inner frame is constructed from a stainless steel welded construction.
  • The cooling tunnel is provided with an infeed conveyor and outfeed conveyor.
  • Internally a ladder transport is built, This consists of 4 identical chain conveyors.

    Explanation injection machine

  • The shapes leave the conveyor and are slid over the syringe baking.
  • By means of 4 spray guns, the dye is injected into the mold.
  • Specifications:

  • Little pollution when spraying, vapors pass through a ventilation system to the outside.
  • The shapes are evenly sprayed.

    Explanation loader

  • Loaders are manually filled with the products.
  • These come in the same manner in a straight line on the conveyor.
  • Specifications:

  • To customize for example almond bread, rice cakes, etc.
  • Is easy to clean.

    Explanation sprinkle band
    The sprinkle band is designed to have a certain amount of bedding, of which the quantity is adjustable, catch in a container where the filling is present.

  • The litter is done in the hopper and goes on a conveyor end which is driven by a pneumatic cylinder.
  • The amount of litter in the bin corresponding to the filling of the product is to regulate the height control present.
  • The cylinder is connected to a freewheel GV20. A linear motion is converted into rotation via a freewheel bearing.
  • When the flakes fall from the conveyor, get it on a plate at which slats are mounted. These ensure that the litter is distributed.